Peach Varieties


We normally have more than 15 varieties of peaches here at the Orchard.  All of them are great for eating fresh or baking in your favorite dishes!


Yellow vs. White


Yellow-flesh peaches are traditional, tangy-tasting, all-around peaches. They are best for canning and cooking in addition to eating.


White-flesh peaches originated in Asia, and there has been a huge surge in their popularity in recent years. White flesh peaches are sweeter and have lower acidity than yellow peaches, making their sweetness even more notable! They can be used for cooking, but are best just to eat. Be sure to try both white and yellow peaches when you visit us at the Shed!


Yellow Peaches


Bisco:  Much like the Jones peach, it is yellow inside and out and is good for canning slices or eating fresh.


Early Glo:  "Earliglo". An old standby, early ripening clingstone peach with a beautiful blush.


Early Jones and Late Jones:  Another large, yellow peach with a pointed tip. They are perfect for canning slices.


Encore:  As the name implies, Encore peaches are the last-picked peaches of the season.  Very nice all-around peach.


Garnet Beauty: Large, early, and delicious. Yellow-fleshed fruit features golden skin with a smooth red blush. Early-bearing tree produces clouds of pink blooms in spring followed by loads of juicy, medium-large peaches in summer. Enjoy fruit in pies, cobblers, and fresh off the tree! Semi-freestone. Ripens in July.


Glo Haven:  Much like the Early Glo.


John Boy and John Boy II:  Yellow peaches with deep red veining.  They're wonderful for making beautiful preserves with a very peachy color.


Loring:  A large yellow peach with a hint on red blush.  It has very firm, melting yellow flesh with excellent flavor. It is freestone and ripens in mid-season.


Sun Haven:  A nice yellow-skinned peach with a dark-red blush. Very sweet.


Sun Hi: There may be prettier peaches, but few with more exceptional qualities for canning or freezing. Sun Hi is one of our three most popular varieties.


Topaz:  Perhaps one of the most attractive peaches in appearance, the Topaz peach also has a very aromatic smell when it ripensAs one of the most coveted varieties, and with its picture perfect appearance, wonderful aromatic smell, and heavenly sweet taste, it is a freestone peach as well.

White Peaches


Klondike:  A large, pink-skinned peach with white flesh. Full flavor.


White Giant and Sugar Giant:  If you like white peaches, you’ll LOVE the Giants. These peaches live up to their names. They’re super sweet and one of the largest peaches from our orchard, making them the prettiest peaches we grow. They’re also freestone! Could it get any better?


White Lady:  Among the best of the new low acid, high sugar, fresh market white peaches. The red-skinned fruits are medium to large, very firm, and is a freestone.


Clingstone vs. Freestone

A clingstone peach sticks to the pit, and a ripe freestone peach easily separates from the pit. Don’t turn your nose up to a clingstone peach just yet! Because clingstone peaches are only available early in the peach season, they are often smaller, making them ideal for pickling, making spiced peaches, or for the perfect snack. 


Although freestone peaches are easier to process in the kitchen, clingstone peaches still have many practical uses. They are great for eating and are generally larger, making them ideal for baking and canning.


Whether it’s a clingstone or freestone peach, all of our peaches are selected and grown for sweetness and flavor. 


How to Store Peaches

Store peaches on the counter at room temperature until they are the ripeness you prefer. When ripe, peaches should be stored in the crisper bin of your refrigerator where they will keep for up to five days. Have more peaches on hand than you can eat or bake right away? Peel and slice them, lay them on a baking tray and place in the freezer for a few hours until they're frozen. Transfer the peach wedges to a resealable plastic bag and freeze until ready to use. They'll keep at least 6 months (longer in a free-standing freezer) and are perfect to use in baking. 


Tip: To quicken the ripening process, place peaches in a paper bag.